“In recent years, a profound revolution in thinking about health and disease has emerged. Beginning with a thoughtful and well-informed public seeking more effective means of dealing with chronic diseases, it has come to influence the medical profession itself as well as policy-makers in government.”

George Vithoulkas
- Medicine of the New Man

1M Integrative Solutions provides an array of consulting services to the natural products industry (herbal, neutraceutical and homeopathic companies), primarily for strategic sales, marketing and regulatory projects. 1M was founded by Alyssa Wostrel, MBA, DIHom, in 2005 to provide companies seeking competitive levels of market success (or market entry) with their product line through various channels (retail, practitioner, consumer) with the creation of carefully crafted, customized strategic sales and marketing initiatives based on each client’s resources and market objectives.. For more information about corporate consulting, click here.

Previous clients include Boiron, Similasan, Nelsons Bach, Guna USA, Bionorica, Interfasys, New Mexico Biotechnology and Biomedical Association, Nova Therapeutics, Hevert GmbH, Glauber Pharma and Pflueger USA.

What's in a name? 1M Integrative Solutions

1M is a high "potency" level for a homeopathic remedy. The process of dynamization or potentization of a homeopathic remedy is known as the vehicle that "heightens the remedy to admirable strength". Samuel Hahnemann, The Organon

To start the “dynamization” process for your company or yourself with 1M Integrative Solutions, contact us.