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Boiron, Inc.

Guna, Inc.

Interfasys, Inc.

NextGen, Inc

New Mexico Biomedical and Biotechnology Association

Strategic Media Marketing

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Every company, whether in the start-up phase or in a leadership position in a mature market, struggles with problems and issues inherent in creating a competitive edge that reflects strong bottom line results.

For instance:

  • Are your company's product sales slipping?
  • Is there a mandate to increase sales to the practitioner/retail/consumer sector?
  • Do you need to create, change or revise the sales commission structure?
  • Is strategic planning for mid and long term goals executed regularly, and if so, is the company on track? If strategic planning isn't done at all, why not? Without thoughtful strategic planning, the competition can easily outrun you - and the bottom line will suffer.
  • How much attention is being paid to the creation of a cohesive marketing plan, budget and annual campaign?
  • Is your team as strong as it needs to be to meet corporate expectations?
  • Does your brand stand out in the market?
  • Does it make the statement you want it to make?

Here's how 1M Integrative Solutions can help:

  • Build an effective sales team Sales Force Effectiveness analysis plus development and execution of training programs - (homeopathic theory, products, application in the market, retail or practitioner focus, sales approach, "how to close the sale" training, building team confidence).
  • Stand out in the market Creation of sales and marketing initiatives particular to the strengths of your product and company.
  • Attract new customers Development of medical education programs for practitioners.
  • Penetrate new markets, gain momentum Strategic market entry analysis (to enter a new market sector).
  • Know thy customer Primary and secondary market research/focus groups and situational analysis.
  • Cool Tools Marketing collateral development.
  • Have a plan! Marketing plan development.
  • Outsmart your competition Strategic planning - competitive and SWOT analysis, 5 - 10 year outlook, primary and secondary market research, focus groups, identifying new market opportunities.
  • Strong foundation Human resource planning; retention planning and analysis of current team skills with recommendations.

To energetically infuse your company,