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”…Where a mixture of states of illness is present, in which the effects not only of the patient’s own intermediary toxins are evident, but also side-effects of allopathic drugs (so called “iatrogenic pathology”) and possibly the burdens of environmental toxins as well (insecticides and others) then a mixture of antidotal therapies must be applied.”

Hans Heinrich Reckeweg
“Materia Medica”

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Ms. Wostrel’s commitment to marry her interest and knowledge in homeopathic medicine with a like-minded company led to an eight year stint with one of the leaders in homeopathic pharmaceutical manufacturing, Heel Inc.

My personal interest in homeopathy grew into a desire to marry my business skills and education (MBA in Marketing from Fordham University) with companies specializing in homeopathic medicine and/or in the integrative medical/complementary alternative medicine (CAM) sector. My commitment to homeopathy in my personal and family life had made such a strong imprint that I very much wanted to work with companies that shared a similar vision - inspiring people to lead healthy lives through homeopathic medicine.

In 1997, while I was studying homeopathy at Curentur University (now known as the American University of Integrative Medicine) in Los Angeles, I attended a Heel Inc. seminar for medical professionals. Heel Inc is a German company specialized in a branch of modern homeopathy known as homotoxicology. I quickly realized homotoxicology was radically different from the classically oriented studies I was engaged in at the time at Curentur University. From a theoretical perspective, I found the indication oriented and toxin-focused approach of homotoxicology both practical and fascinating! My interest in homotoxicology eventually led to a job position as Pharmaceutical Representative for Heel Inc in the San Fernando region of Southern California. Thus began an exciting adventure of working directly with CAM-oriented practitioners dedicated to utilizing homeopathy in their various practices. Homeopathy is adaptable to any medical discipline, and classical and modern homeopathy is practiced by Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors, Osteopathic Doctors, Registered Nurses, Nurse Midwives, Podiatrists, Physiatrists in addition to professional Homeopaths. I became familar with the different philosophies and approaches of these various practitioners while supporting their growing interest in utilizing homeopathic remedies and medicines in their clinics.

My professional experience with Heel Inc would continue for eight years, during which time I held five different positions; Pharmaceutical Sales Rep, Regional Territory Manager, National Sales Trainer, National Sales Manager and Director of Sales and Marketing. As Director of Sales and Marketing, I oversaw three departments (Sales, Medical and Marketing) totaling 45 employees, and held P+L responsibility for a $5,500,000 annual budget. My creative team and I devised sales and marketing strategies based on the concept of medical education of practitioners in the science and art of Reckeweg's homotoxicology, and grew annual sales from $7 - $17M in less than three years, with significant increases in EBITA. At this point, I had relocated with my family to Albuquerque, NM to work onsite at the US headquarters rather than in the field. Communication with worldwide Heel headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany was frequent and required at this level, as were occasional sojourns to Germany to work in international teams on strategic planning. It was a wonderful professional experience which afforded me a birds-eye view on the global impact of homeopathic medicine on the medical community and individual, alike.

But despite the soaring financial success Heel Inc was enjoying in the US, it was painstakingly apparent to me how insignificant homeopathy was (and still is) on the world stage of pharmaceutical medicine. Despite double-blind, placebo controlled studies proving the efficacy of the homeopathic medicine (even against conventional pharmaceutical medications), homeopathy simply hasn't gained the traction and attention it deserves. And my desire to continue my homeopathic studies were continually frustrated by the 70 hour work weeks I routinely put in to get the excellent sales and profit results for the US subsidiary of Heel Inc. Between work and my family commitments, I just couldn't finish what I started out to do - gain a diploma in homeopathic medicine. My departure from Heel Inc provided the energy and impetus to complete my homeopathic studies and develop the mission and vision of 1M Integrative Solutions. Since then, consulting opportunities in the CAM and biotech sector have further developed my sales and marketing skill set and deepened my commitment to the elegant simplicity offered by the science and art of homeopathy.

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