Homeopathic Training

” Vital to developing the homeopathic vision is the understanding of what is to be cured in disease. It is to be able to perceive, to feel and to know as the truth that disease is not something local but a disturbance of the whole being. It is to have the unshakable conviction that if we treat the disturbance at the center, the local problems will be lessened.”

Rajan Sankaran,
“The Spirit of Homeopathy”

My own interest in homeopathy dovetailed 15 years ago with the new and powerful experience of mothering our infant son. His frightening reaction to an immunization prompted us to seek alternative pediatric care, which in turn provided me a glimpse into the world of homeopathic medical care. It was a world I very much wanted to inhabit and become a citizen of. If it sounds as if I am describing a parallel universe, well, perhaps I am. At the time, it seemed to me that the curtain had been lifted -- as I realized there were many other ways to approach health and wellness, especially those disciplines concerned with the unity of and appreciation for the synergistic mechanisms and energies of mind, body and soul.

Alyssa Wostrel, MBA, DIHom has extensive education in all schools of homeopathic medicine, including classical, modern and homotoxicology.

Ms. Wostrel’s primary classical training is based on the Diploma of Homeopathy from The British Institute of Homeopathy, USA, which entitles her to use the letters, DIHom. In addition to Ms. Wostrel’s classical training with the British Institute of Homeopathy, she was also previously enrolled in classical studies at Curentur University in Los Angeles (now the American University of Integrative Medicine) with the well-known practitioners Richard Farr, Jeanne Zeeb RN and Marcia Neiswander MN, ANP, RN. Additional classical materia medica training was with Louis Klein.

Modern Homeopathy and Homotoxicology seminar training has been extensive and includes seminar training with Ivo Bianchi MD, Klaus Kuestermann MD, Alta Smit MD, Bruce Shelton MD, HMD, PJ Broadfoot DVM, Steven Rosenberg DPM, Lester Klebe DPM, Jarir Nakouzi MD, Stephen Steitler LAc, Juan Carlos Mendez MD, Leonini Milani MD, (and other practitioners) about the treatment of Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Metabolic Syndrome, Sports Injuries, Allergies, Pediatric Illness, Viral Infections, ADD, Chronic Pain, Degenerative Disease, Phase Remedies, Pain Management and Aesthetic Medicine (among other topics).

Homotoxicology Certification

Introduction to Homotoxicology – Heel Inc

Introduction to the Principles of Physiological Regulating Medicine and Pharmacology – Guna Inc

Pain Management with Physiological Regulating Medicine (PRM)
– Guna Inc

Aesthetic Medicine for Preventive and Acute Conditions – Guna Inc

Other education:
MBA - Marketing, Fordham University, New York City, NY
BSBA - University of Denver, Denver, CO

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